happy october

ahhhhh….it’s finally here. Besides December, October is one of my favorite months. Although, today in this 80 degree weather it doesn’t exactly FEEL like fall outside, it is in fact here and it sure does feel (and smell) like fall in my house!


Again, besides Christmas, fall is when I decorate the most. I don’t do any Halloween decorations since Halloween is only one day and autumn decorations can be left up for 2-3 months.


The best part about decorating this year was finding 2 full bags of fall decorations I got from work in January of last year…on super clearance. My decorations range from brand new, to stuff my mom had when I was little, to handmade things. This year, I decided to make yet another mason jar project. Whyyyyy do I always use mason jars? Well, simply put they are cheap and easy. Also, quite useful and beautiful. That’s why. Anywho, in my previous post mason jar love I explained how to paint mason jars. So, being in a harvesty mood I decided to paint some candy corn ones. The only thing that’s different is after I painted each color I let it dry to the touch before adding the next color. You can use painters tape if you want, but I liked the look of the uneven lines.


And that’s it! Super simple, super inexpensive, super cute. Everyone will love them….go ahead and try it!


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