Happy Campers at Family Fun Day


Who doesn’t love a little woodland animal themed fun! When the 9th Annual Family Fun Day was set for the weekend of June 2nd I couldn’t resist setting up a celebRAEtions booth again this year.

When I sat down to brainstorm my theme, I looked at my company’s themed kids party/shower packages and realized that Happy Camper would be perfect fit for this outdoor, park festival.

In terms of color palette and textures, I went with cheerful and colorful…Orange, Teal & Yellow, along with rustic greenery and burlap details.

In addition to displaying floral designs and information on celebRAEtions, I wanted to engage my kid aged booth visitors in some good old-fashioned crafts, games & fun. Hope the highlights help bring some creative joy to your next woodland themed soiree.

Kids Activities & Games

Woodland Animal Masks

For the creatives, I provided kids with templated deer, fox, owl and raccoon masks for them to decorate with crayons, markers & stickers. I ordered one box of the masks from Amazon to use as a template and made copies and cut out additional for the day of. Along with my trusty volunteers, we attached popsicle sticks with glue to complete the look.


Eye Spy Game

For the explorer, I designed an “I Spy” scavenger hunt specific for Family Fun Day. If you are going on vacation, road trip or even a camping trip, kids LOVE this activity. I offered kids the ability to find all the items and return to my booth for a prize. If you want something easy – check out pinterest for 100s of free “I Spy” printables for every occasion.


Fish Bowl Pond

For any kiddo like my son (the active game player), the Fishin’ Pond Ping Pong toss is where he spent all his time when he was at my booth.

This I designed using an old palette layered with real moss provided by my flower wholesaler. I attached small containers and plastic fishbowls to the palette, and then layered real moss around the bowls and the outer rim of the palette. After filling the containers, we provided the kids with ping pong balls to toss. If someone was successful they picked a prize – Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish.

Bubble Machine

The bubbles may have been Caleb’s and my favorite part of the booth this year 

I couldn’t have pulled off so many activities with the help of family, friends and volunteers working my booth and helping set-up. Thank you!!!


With Love & Happy Camping celebraetion, 


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