handmade cheers to a happy engagement

Here is the third installment of the Mason Jar Love projects.

Recently, a good friend of mine at work got engaged. I have only known her for a year, but honestly, she is one of my most favorite people ever. She reminds me so much of myself (hah. Sadly, I’m only half joking!) On a search for the PERFECT engagement gift, I decided I was not going to buy one. Jackie, like myself, is a pretty crafty person. We have the same likes and home decor style (except for my weird obsession with leopard that does not fit my personality nor home style.) I decided that nothing I could buy would really be all that impressive to such a Crafty McCrafterson like herself. And quite frankly, this was one of those times when actually creating something just seemed so much more special and meaningful to me. So, that’s what had to be done. I chose to make her some wine glasses for her and her hubs to be. Now, whether she chose to use them at the wedding wasn’t really my intention (but I’m super proud to say that she is! Or, at least, that’s what she told me.)

I decided the redneck wine glasses would be perfect for her. Her wedding will be next October, and it sounds like the perfect mix of class and country (I’m talking hay bales and ivory velvet pillows.) Like, Billy Ray Cyrus in a tuxedo. I call it Bumpkin Chic. So, these wine glasses were the perfect addition.

The tools needed to make them were incredibly cheap and easy. I feel it’s almost a crime for what ONE of these sell for in the store. All I needed were 2 mason jars, e6000 craft glue, and candlesticks from the dollar store. Seriously. That’s it. I threw in a bottle of Prosecco, and a hand stamped gift bag and a card, and I was good to go! She loved it, and was quite impressed that it was handmade.

And here it is: the finished project.




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