Lucky Charms & Shamrock Shakes


Southie is infamous for many things. One of my favorites…the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I am still waiting to see if I have any Irish in my genetics (Thank you test), but regardless of the outcome, this southie mom, had to get down to serious leprechaun business and create a festive, kid/crowd friendly parade watching party for guests last Sunday.

We are “lucky” to live on the Southie parade route so no other party activities were needed. All our guests, enjoyed the bands, Star Wars characters and special effects from the comfort of our bedroom windows or our front stoop.

With the help of Amazon, Party City and Spotify (St Patrick’s Day Party Playlist), we had all the necessary green accessories, decor, paper products and music we needed.

So that really left me with the most important part to design –  A menu that was “magically delicious”. In addition to some of my party go-to’s like ham & cheese croissant rolls, Make-Your-Own Mimosa bar and buffalo chicken dip, I tried to keep it simple and for the most part, kid friendly. Here were my 3 favorites and links to the online recipes I followed: 

Lucky Charm Rice Krispy Treats

Pinterest Recipe 

img_9516Rainbow Veggie Tray


Super Easy and self explanatory when it comes to building this one. Just be sure to pick up some marshmellows for the rainbow’s cloud and some gold candy for the “gold” at the end of the rainbow effect. 



Shamrock Shakes

Kitchen Treaty Blog Recipe 

This is by far my favorite St. Patrick’s day menu tradition at our house! Not only are these smooth, sweet, milkshakes delicious, they also happen to be the perfect St Patrick’s day color. You can easily take the alcohol out to make these kid friendly too.  


Stay tuned for next year’s event, hoping to do some more traditional Irish themed recipes.

Hope this encourages you add a few rainbows to your next shindig.

With Luck & Celebration,



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