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the celebrate team


We are sisters… Becky & Rachel grew up with their brother Peter in Bethlehem, PA. Holly has been Pete’s other half for 5+ years and instantly became a part of the family. Looking for more info on us…see our bios below.


becky loves good food, red wine and strong coffee. Like many of you, she plays multiple roles… wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. While it can feel daunting at times… like there is never enough time in a day… she cherishes each role, because with each comes fulfilling relationships and opportunities to appreciate and celebrate the every day!
In her spare time, she loves sharing good food with good friends, exploring new parts of the world with her partner in crime, and re-discovering the  world she thought she knew through the curious eyes of her six year old son and her beautiful four year old girl.



holly is a lover of all things animals! She is a dog mom x3 (it sounds a lot crazier than it is!) They help her celebrate the littlest things in life, like a squirrel running through the yard. It’s not just dogs she loves though, she is an equal opportunity animal lover (she is known for watching movies like The Grizzly Man Diaries and cartoon movies like How to Train Your Dragon and then later saying “I want one!” referring to the star animals.)

When she isn’t thinking about animals, she puts her efforts into decorating and then redecorating her home she shares with her boyfriend/ best friend, Pete. She is a certified do it yourselfer, a weekend warrior of sorts. She always has a camera with her and loves taking TONS of photos (11,475…to be exact.) Also, SHE LOVES CHRISTMAS! 

Holly runs her own etsy shop called Thruffty Pup. It is the best place in town to find PUPcycledbow ties andreally inappropriate hand stamped dog tags. Check it out on etsy or on Instagram (@thruffty_pup). 


rae is a new stay at home super mom, who hearts theme parties, champagne cocktails, romantic comedies and her cocker spaniel, Sadie. An absolute romantic, Rae is an celebration enthusiast and just recently launched her own floral design & event styling company called, celebRAEtions. She is a certified wedding planner (IWPP) and loves pinning, tweeting & blogging all things weddings, intimate gatherings and DIY event details. 

When it is time to play there isn’t anything Rae loves more then date nights with her hubby, hosting friends for brunch or playing at the park with her 2.5 year old son. More importantly….she looks forward to celebrating life with you!

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