Stars & Stripes

The time has come to embrace your patriotic spirit, hang an American flag on your deck and toast to Independence Day. Kristian & I will be celebrating the holiday in the Pocono Mountains with family, friends & of course, Sadie & her cocker spaniel family! Before we pack up the car and head to the lake, I wanted to send along a few suggestions for your 4th of July sweet treat choices. I know that red, white and blue can be a challenging color palette to work with when planning a festive and scrumptious dessert menu. It definitely requires thinking outside of the box. I did a little digging and here are 3 of my favorite ideas for 2012. That being said, if you are celebrating with me you probably have the best bet of tasting the Strawberry Vodka Lime Coolers (see below for details). Looking for more patriotic inspiration…check out my Stars & Stripes pinboard. Cheers to the 4th!

Watermelon Pops 

All you need is watermelon, plastic straws and a cookie cutter.

Photo & Recipe Source

Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats

Who doesn’t love rice Krispy treats with a little red, white & blue

Photo & Recipe Source

And for the Adults….Strawberry Vodka Lime Coolers

Fresh Lime, Sparkling Water & Fresh Strawberry infused Vodka

Photo & Recipe Source

 Strawberry Vodka Lime Coolers

Celebration Comment

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