Caleb is a WILD ONE



As of January Caleb turned ONE! WE can’t believe how much we have ALL grown in a year and  couldn’t let this important life event pass us by without planning a celebration in honor of the Cap’n. Just took me a few months to get it posted, hehehe

I loved the idea of a doing a woodland theme with touches birch wood, plaids and pinecones. I quickly landed on the title, Caleb is a Wild One and it all took shape from there. If you are planning a woodland themed party here are some ideas that I thought worked really well for our winter gathering.


Who doesn’t love Brunch?

Brunch is always hit with large groups. Here was our Wild One menu:

  • Homemade Breakfast Strata & Cheesy hash browns
  • Fresh Croissants, Cinnamon twists and Spinach/egg Puffs (thanks to Joseph’s Bakery)
  • Yogurt Parfaits Bar
  • Oatmeal Bar (I kept the oatmeal hot in my Crockpot)
  • Fresh Fruit Display
  • Cake (see below)
  • Coffee & Mimosas (see below)

Mimosas & Party Straws

Yes, it is a one-year-old party, but like so many one-year-old parties there was definitely more adults then kids at our gathering. We decided to set up a festive Mimosa Bar complete with fresh berries, party straws and a variety of fruit juices. It was a huge hit. My favorite touch was the Guava Strawberry juice!


Happy Trail Favors

As a special thank you for attending, guests were encouraged to fill festive favor bags with homemade trail mix before heading out. The bags were purchased at Target and the trail mix was a super simple combination of Chex Cereal, peanuts, dried cranberries, M&Ms and pretzels. Yum.


Birchwood, Pinecones & Plaid

Homemade centerpieces were constructed of glass vases, red lanterns and pine cones that I had in my party planning storage unit and wooden coasters I purchased on etsy.

I designed and printed all of my menu and event signage on a Birchwood paper template I purchased and downloaded off at Etsy designer. This was such a lifesaver.



Guests quickly became part of the décor. Per our invitation, guests were encouraged to wear plaid in honor of our rustic, outdoor theme. We were impressed!


 Buttercream & Red Velvet

Thanks to Joseph’s Bakery in Southie, we served an adorable vanilla birthday cake complete with a matching Birchwood trim. It was valentines day weekend so we added some red velvet cupcakes to the display as well.


Keepsake Book

To commemorate the day, guests were asked to sign a special book I found at the Children’s Museum. The book features woodland animals and birch wood tree, so it fit so well into our theme.


Happy Birthday to our Wild One!

With Birchwood & Celebration,



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