Smores, Spider Cider “Spirits” and a Wicked Good Time

Tis’ the season to Eat, Drink and be Scary! Together with our neighbors, we decided to jump in on the Halloween action and host our very own three family progressive Trick, Treats & Vodka costume party. Here are a few of our Spooktacular party details and tips fit for any Ghost and Goblins you are hosting this week.


Each family (there are 3 families that live in our building) hosted a different haunted portion of the evening.

Guests started to arrive around 5:30pm for family friendly festivities, while enjoying a glass hot apple cider by the outdoor fire pit. Kristina and Matt served a variety of yummy finger foods, artisan cheeses and a make your own smores bar, complete with pumpkin shaped marsh mellows.

image image

Around 7:30pm guests moved into the second floor Spider Lounge (our place) for Witches Bread Bowl Brew (aka Butternut Squash & New England Clam Chowder) and a popcorn/candy/chex mix bar. Our signature “spirit” was called Spider Cider and was crafted from Prosecco, Bourbon, Sparking Cider, honey and a touch of Cider Syrup.

image image

Finally, guests moved to the top floor for Corey and John’s devilishly delicious dessert bar, featuring Fireball Pumpkin Pudding shots and Apple Cider Donuts from the city’s Blackbirds bakery. They also made homemade pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries and oreos (with candy eyeballs) and a pumpkin log….talk about TREATS.

image image



We asked guests to dress up of course. Folks arrived as pirates, Lord of the Rings characters and everything in between. Kristian and I decided on the Flinstones…we loved adding Captain Caleb aka Bam-Bam to the mix this year.


For décor, we stuck to low budget details and DIY crafts to add a dramatic yet spooky flair to the evening. We hung orange lanterns, black fans and fake spider webs indoors and on the outdoor decks. All of these  supplies were either recycled from past parties or ordered online from Oriental Trading Company.

image image

For menu and bar signs, we pulled out blackboards we already owned or printed out pictures of spider webs online and hand wrote the lettering with markers.

We crafted centerpieces out of gourds, pumpkins and flowers we purchased at our local super/farmers market. I also crafted creepy water wood centerpieces out of glass vases I already owned, water and sticks that I collected at the park.



Ok we didn’t have ghosts popping out of closets or anything, but we did include a few harmless little “frights” to the drinks. When you visited the bar, liquor bottles were labeled poison, arsenic and venom. And if you had a drink on the rocks, there was a good chance you may have found a spider or two keeping your ice cube company, hehehehe

image image

What do you all have brewing for your Halloween parties and costumes this weekend?

I hope this posts help stir up some additional festive ideas for your next Spooktacular Soiree.

With Tricks, Treats and Celebration,



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