mint chocolate memories and neapolitan nostalgia

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For those of you who love ice cream as much as my nephew (above) and I do, you will embrace today’s post. It is all about celebrating those special scoops that bring us back to that one wonderful moment, vacation or time in life that make us smile.

Below please find the ice cream memories I uncovered after chatting with family, friends and fellow bloggers. Enjoy my super “sweet” findings:

Holly’s chocolate smush…

“My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate stirred up until it’s like chocolate soup. The memory is when I was little I was being bad so my mom took my ice cream away and pretended to put it in the microwave – except she actually did and then she melted all of it and felt really bad. Turns out I loved it! And to this day I prefer my ice cream practically melted.” – Holly

Holly Chocolate-Ice-Cream-Food-Picture

 Bethany’s camptime color wars…

“Neapolitan ice cream bars always bring me back to great memories of summers spent at Camp Pembroke, competing in Color Wars, summer musicals and most importantly building friendships to last a lifetime. My girlfriends from camp and I still organize regular reunions and were all an important part of my wedding day”. – Bethany 

PembrokeFULLlogo 540155_10100903487186322_337886088_n

Mom’s best friend moments…

“Sharon and I grew up together in Bethlehem and have stayed best friends for more than 50+ years. Even though we live states apart, Sharon makes a trip back to Pennsylvania every summer. During our visits, we finish most of our days with ice cream (usually Espresso Chip) and conversations about our childhood. Thanks for all the great memories. Sharon.” – Mom (Ann)

mom2  mom1


Kristian’s little league victories…

“Ice cream reminds me of Little League baseball. Every time we won a game, coach took us to the local ice cream spot for an ice cream cone with one scoop of our favorite flavor. For me that was and still is Mint Chocolate Chip.” – Kristian

updatedkristian  handdipped

Becky’s hugs and sprinkles…

“When I think of ice cream and memories, it is not a certain flavor but certain feelings that come to mind. As a kid, my mom loved to surprise us with dinner at the local ice cream shop. It made us feel like we were breaking the rules… and having so much fun doing it!

When my son completed his first day of preschool last year, I treated him to a big sundae with every topping he wanted. And when we recently moved, one of our first family nights out was to our new local ice cream joint. And it was a huge hit! So I guess, ice cream to me means fun time with family. Sitting around, talking and laughing as ice cream drips down your cone or off your chin. They are times I’ll never forget… and I hope my kids won’t either.” – Becky

 IMG_1561  IMG_3998

Pete’s ultimate summer sundae…

“For me its all about the banana splits at The Bethlehem Dairy Store (aka the Cup). Growing up, my mom would take us to the cup for sundaes in the summer.” – Pete

 IMG_2227-1 5779089808_224f9cc40d

My beach time treat…

“Ice cream reminds me of my love for New England in the summer and all the adorable ice cream stores that come alive along the coast in June. Kristian and I discovered Rockport, MA 5 years ago, after a day trip up to Good Harbor Beach. We instantly fell in love with the town and an adorable ice cream shop in town called Molly’s. My go to flavor always and forever will be chocolate chip cookie dough. The following 3 summers we may have convinced my family to rent a little cottage in Rockport and made Molly’s a family affair. Thank you Molly’s! ” – Rae

 39322_536090625067_5892594_n  o

With Celebration & Sprinkles,

Rae, Becky, Holly and Company

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