pUPdated Console TV Dog Bed

A few years ago Pete got me an old console TV that I had been begging him for. I really wanted to make it into a dog bed, you can read up on that by clicking here!

With the freshening up we have been doing around here, it was time that I finally painted that console TV like I meant to do many years ago. I literally couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out!

All it took was 2 cans of spray paint, limited patience, and a little creativity.

If you remember, this is what it looked like before:


And here is what it looks like now!


It only took me a weekend to complete. The worst part was getting the spray paint in all of the little crevices. Then I switched out the old handle for a new one (it was the only thing I purchased for it besides the spray paint) I made a couple different signs to put in place of the control panel- for now it says “Don’t wake the bear” because I refer to my 3 pups as the three bears. Next, I took out the speaker and actually used a sparkly silver and beige striped cloth napkin in its place. The glimmer strings I had on hand as well, because I use them for everything around here. I attached them to the roof with tiny sticky command hooks and then velcroed the battery box behind where the speaker was.

It’s probably the most used (and unique) piece of furniture we have in the house and it was definitely in need of some loving and customizing. Wren spends the majority of the day in there and when she’s not in there, Gracie sneaks in.

To be honest- I don’t think Wren noticed a damn bit of difference in it.


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