Upcycled Tire Ottoman


Time for me to write another DIY post! It was a loooong winter and with the weather getting steadily more spring-like, it was time to get the back porch in tip top shape. This is going to be the first spring/summer that I get to spend in my swingasan chair I bought from Pier 1 last summer (I didn’t get to hang it until fall because we thought it was going to be more involved than it was. We got it hung in 10 minutes. Figures.) I love my swing and I love the height at which it hangs- except my legs are about 3 inches too short to really have full control as to where I swing. It wouldn’t be a problem except that I swing into either the pole to my left or the house to my right. Which, again, wouldn’t be a problem except every single time I do that it sets 3 cocker spaniels into a barking frenzy and then my time on the swing is considerably less relaxing. So, I needed an ottoman.

Then I found out how expensive ottomans were to purchase. Yikes! So, I was on Pinterest one day NOT looking at ottomans, but one popped up and I was pretty excited about it. It looked SUPER easy. When I showed Pete what I wanted to do I got even MORE excited because he said we had a tire in the garage! It was time to put my plan into motion- so I waited for the first weekend we had nice weather and I began my little project. So, here it is for you:

IMG_6719 4

This was the most annoying part. EVERYTHING sticks to a wet tire. Have a clean brush handy afterwards to brush off any debris that gets stuck to it.

IMG_6720 5

IMG_6721 2

I had a tarp handy and I would suggest doing the same, it made it much easier. I chose a paint that would match my outdoor cushions and painted sections at a time and let fully dry before moving the tire.


measure how big you want the top layer to be and cut out a wood circle that size. We didn’t have wood big enough so we just out two halves and braced them underneath. I then had Pete stand on top to make sure it wouldn’t break (what? I didn’t want to be the one to break it!)



I lied. THIS was the most annoying part. I thought it would be fun but man it took forever and my hands hurt both from squeezing the hot glue gun and moving the rope around. It should be noted I thought 50ft of rope would be enough but I had to run out and get another 50ft pack and I used almost half of that one. Looks can be deceiving! I also added some wheels on the bottom because this tire was really heavy, I didn’t get to take pictures of that though.


Hopefully, unlike me, you get to enjoy your hard work before anyone else does.

IMG_6708 IMG_6710

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