thRUFFty pUPdate

The last time I blogged, it was about how I had just opened up my Etsy shop. Well I am happy to report that thRUFFty Pup is doing amazingly well! I’m not going to lie- that first 3 weeks were a rough start but once I got my first sale, it got easier and easier. I have expanded from bow ties, neckties, and rosettes to now selling dog tags which people are really loving. I have named the dog tag line RUDEdog and once you see them it will be quite obvious why. Dog owners with a great sense of humor are definitely required. There is also a GOODdog line as well, so don’t worry.

Here are just a few of the items in the shop right now- all tags are hand stamped and hammered by yours truly.

IMG_4832 IMG_4652  IMG_4897 IMG_4755 IMG_4903 IMG_4799 IMG_4871 IMG_4667 IMG_4882 IMG_4696 IMG_4920 IMG_4932 IMG_4902 IMG_4700 IMG_4788

Please stop by the shop and see whats up! Also- find thruffty_pup on Instagram! I share a lot of new products there and this week we will be celebrating my 1,000th follower with a special 1K Giveaway! It’s also a great place to see all of my adorable customers in there thRUFFty gear!

5 thoughts on “thRUFFty pUPdate

    1. stick with it! It can definitely be frustrating but you learn so much and you learn quickly! It’s so exciting and fun once you get going- especially when your phone makes the ‘cha-ching’ sound when you get a sale 😉

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