rae’s new mom survival tips


Hi everyone,

As many of you know our little bundle of joy, Caleb arrived last month. Completely new to the parenthood thing, Kristian and I have been undertaking daily challenges, surprises and amazing moments.

I don’t pretend to know what is right for any new mom or dad out there but here are some of the little things that have helped me to survive, celebrate and breathe these past few weeks as a brand new mom.

1. Check out Gilmore Girls on Netflix – For late night feeding sessions, I have found great solace in spending time with Rory, Loreli, and the Stars Hollow crew. The witty banter and the romantic twist and turns have been a lovely getaway for me. I am definitely team “Jess”.


2. Break Out Your Waffle Iron –  It takes extra planning, but having friends over for mimosas and waffles has been such a treat for Kristian and I. It gives us time to reconnect with people we love, snag some adult conversation and Caleb gets lots of extra snuggles.

IMG_1665 IMG_1662

3. Put your heels on again (aka Set up Date nights with your husband or a friend) Yes, again it took extra planning and trust in someone we love to watch our little boy (thank you Mandy!), but a date night was just what the doctor ordered.  I did my hair, got back into my heels for the first time in 4 months and we hit a fantastic waterfront restaurant for a little champagne, lobster rolls and oysters. I felt like lady again!

image photo-27

4.  Poop happens…Just laugh – With a newborn, lots of poop and spit up become part of your daily routine. Even though it can be explosive or even unexpected, don’t let it get to you and remember to laugh at yourself. I snagged this photo after we successfully gave Caleb a post poop explosion bath.


5. Accept help from friends and family – We can’t do this parenthood thing alone and I can’t tell you how thankful we are for the support we have received these past 9+ months. Thank you so much for all the cards, calls, texts, babysitting, food plates, prayers, gifts and visits. It warms our hearts.

image image

6. Sleep – Sleep whenever you can. I am the worst culprit when it comes to answering email, writing this blog post and doing that final item on my checklist during nap time.  All that being said, I have realized that I am a far better mother, wife and person when I have had some zzz’s. So after I finish this post, I am going to sleep…I promise!


7. Set up a mini-spa in your bathroom. Even a 5 minute shower can be made more relaxing with some lavender soap, a vanilla candle and a natural bath sponge. Check out Bath and Body Works, Pier One and L’occitane for fun supplies.

Hand-soap-1600x1200-300x300 IMG_7287-1024x682

8. Stock your kitchen with protein snacks and tea – It is amazing how fast a day with an infant can go by and then you suddenly realize you didn’t eat lunch. I felt so much better on days when I carved out time to eat or at least snack on protein filled food. My favorite go-tos this month are almonds, greek yogurt, oatmeal and hummus. Green tea serves as an awesome boost in the afternoon and Chamomile tea is wonderful to help your relax after a long day.

chobani-greek-yogurt-1024x768 img_0042

9. Celebrate small wins  – One of my best friends offered me great advice (thanks Bethany!). She said, don’t get worked up about all the things you don’t accomplish during the day with an infant, instead celebrate one or two small things you successfully tackle. For example, today my goal is to write three thank you notes and finish my blog post.  So far, so good 🙂 This past weekend Kristian, Caleb and I tackled our first shopping outing at Lord and Taylor together. Caleb loved the colors in the Ralph Lauren section!


10. Kiss your hubby, hug your little bundle of joy and snuggle with your dog. – When the going gets tough, be kind to yourself and your spouse and fill the moment with a little love and understanding. It will make all the difference.


To date, parenthood is probably the hardest and most exhausting challenge we have taken on but I am proud to report that even with the occasion poop explosion, it has still been possible to carve out some peace, rest and hugs.

All new parents out there, what are your tips for survival?

With new baby exhaustion and celebration,


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One thought on “rae’s new mom survival tips

  1. Um two peas in one pod as I second Gilmore Girls (just wait for for Logan), waffle irons, and small wins. Rocking it Rae!! Xo

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