Trimming the Tree with Mickey, Polamalu and Lucy


Decorating the tree, is one of those special Christmas traditions that is near and dear to my heart.  Growing up my father would take us on an epic tree hunt, my mother would gift each of us with a new ornament and we would gather to decorate the generally over sized tree while listening to Alabama Christmas.

Holiday SadieLast week the Pearson family put on some holiday tunes and took a trip down memory lane filled with humorous, warm and meaningful stories.

This is the very reason why I love this tradition. We are always reminded of how blessed we are for the experiences and the amazing people in our lives (past and present).

Here are some of my favorite ornaments…and the great memories attached to each:

Troy Polamalu



An ornament gifted to me from my dad, a fellow, Steelers fan. It is also a warm reminder of all the unforgettable memories we have shared with Team Pittsburgh (you know who you are).

The Red Phone Booth 

    IMG_0366 London





In 2005, Kristian and I joined my family and headed to London to visit my brother who was studying abroad in England.  We explored the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and even caught one of my brother’s football games a Leeds University. My dad snagged this memorable photo of us when we were walking home from the Globe Theatre.

Mikey & Minnie’s Tree Farm

IMG_0334 154526_1594678660102_1315841_n

We love Disney World! We purchased this keepsake ornament together in 2010 after partaking in a full Disney adventure complete with an around the world wine festival at Epcot and Safari rides at the Animal Kingdom. We even snagged a photo at dinner with the man himself! This past summer we were in Florida and spent a much needed vacation day playing at Magic Kingdom. That night the magic continued…when we found out we were pregnant with Baby Pearson! Consequently, Mickey holds a special place in our hearts.

The Rockport Sailboat

IMG_0337 IMG_0367

Reminds us of all the fun we have had on day trips and family vacations in Rockport, MA …one of the most beautiful New England coastal towns I have ever seen.

I LoVE Lucy


This ornament was gifted from mom but always reminds me of my uncle Jim. Every Christmas, he would buy me I Love Lucy themed presents (calendars, planners, postcards, you name it!), as I was obsessed with the show when I was younger. He passed away a five years ago, but I always remember the laughs we shared when talking about the show.

The Cabin

IMG_0661263871_573778418427_6861147_n The Cabin…one of the best places on earth. So many amazing memories shared with family and friends on Lake Minisink during every season. If you have been to visit you know what I am talking about.

As we put the last ornament on the tree, we were reminded that next year we will be sharing this tradition with our son and adding a baby’s first christmas ornament to our collection. Lots to be thankful for this year.

So now it is time for you to share some of your favorite ornaments and memories…

With Love and Christmas Ornaments,



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