embracing the baby bump


Greetings Celebrate everyday readers,
Sincerest apologies for being MIA recently. As much as I wish I was off celebrating life, I have been logging busy days at work, closing on a new condo, moving and not leaving much room to breath. Normally this wouldn’t be any different from my normal fall season, but I am running a little slower these days.  Why? Well, today I am making my family news blog official. Do you notice a little bump in the picture above? That’s right, the Pearson team is expanding by one baby boy in February.

Parts of me are really excited, while other parts of me are struggling with all the changes happening in life. The fatigue, the pregnancy brain, the emotional ups and downs and the limitations everyone seems to knowingly or unknowingly put on a pregnant woman are frustrating.

I realized this weekend that I really need to start focusing on the positives so today’s post is dedicated to embracing the good parts of the baby bump.

Bagels, lots of bagels!

You can’t drink alcohol, but it is totally fine to have a second helping! My baby needs all the nutrients he can get and so it is important for me to get a full helping of everything, from protein, to vegetables and even carbs. Baby Pearson loves bagels and cream cheese so much that the manager at our local bruegger’s bagels just presented me with a baby gift last week. How sweet is that!


Sleeping Beauty Time is Paramount

I know that we will be completely sleep deprived when the baby arrives, but for now my hubby, Sadie and I love taking naps.


Gwen and Blake inspired fashion

Gwen Stefani and Blake Lively are two of my fav past and present pregnant fashionistas. Yes, you definitely lose site of your waistline to the bump; however, one of the perks to your changing body is wearing pieces you may not have ever considered before. For example…Harem pants. I could never pull these off pre-pregnancy and now I can totally rock them. I am also a big fan of leggings, long sweaters and boots. So comfortable and chic at the same time.

Pregnant Gwen Stefani Meets Tony Kanal For Lunch A pregnant Blake Lively Running Errands

The Name Game

Will his name be a classic, vintage or super trendy? It is such an honor to choose the name of your son or daughter. We currently have a working list and plan to meet him in February and make the final decision.

Nursery design and Decor PLanning

Yes, I am completely overwhelmed by the lists of strollers, high chairs and gear we need for this kiddo, but I have enjoyed choosing colors and themes for the nursery. I am am big fan of looking at the Land of Nod website from time to time for inspiration.

CR_Whale_Blue_Dot_V11 wee-workout-baby-gym-grey

MY co-Captain in this adventure

This once in a lifetime experience has brought my husband and I even closer together over the past 6.5 months. He continues to be my rock and has helped me to push through the tougher (and nauseating) days of this pregnancy. I am so excited to have a son that is half me and half Kristian. What an amazing gift to share with someone you love?

10484718_10204392911517979_8995682825550167148_n 10440786_10152757642010803_4497574153783669879_n

So hears to embracing the baby bump and all the good things it brings to our lives! And to all the pregnant women, expecting fathers and current parents out there…What are some of the things you have celebrated or currently celebrate around your pregnancy?
With Love and Nausea,

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