Lisa Frank Folders, Plaid Skirts and Converse Kicks


Oh Back to School is in the Air. Growing up, I was somewhat terrified of starting a new school year. It always meant new teachers, harder tests and trying to figure out where my locker was located…yikes! I still cringe a little when I start seeing the “Back to School” signs takeover every store in town.

That being said, I always enjoyed the part where we had to pick out my back to school supplies and of course a new pair of kicks. Here are a few of my favorite  back to school must haves that my parents graciously purchased for me  to keep me organized and what I considered to be super stylish. I wonder if any of these were on your list?

In Elementary school it was all about anything Lisa Frank, my Hollywood Barbie Lunch Box and a pretty Troll doll to display on my desk at school.

kittens  $(KGrHqMOKpwFGNZNThsJBRqy6GDcm!~~60_35 61bL5J4S-VL._SL1353_

In Middle School I loved my star converse sneakers, my Jansport backpack and the plaid skirts/thigh highs that I thought made me look exactly like Claire and D in Clueless.

-whiteConverse-One-Star-3-Strap-91_03_LRG clueless img-thing

And for High School, I couldn’t live without my Flair Jeans, a stylish shoulder bag, Abercrombie anything and birkenstocks. I loved my birkenstocks.

flare-jeans Abercrombie-Fitch-Melanie-Hoodies-Blue birkenstocks-2

What about you? What were some of your favorite back to school must-haves growing up?

With Celebration and Back to School Nerves,


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