No Bones About It…Dogs are da Bomb!

  263871_573778418427_6861147_nWe (Holly and Rachel) put our blogging heads together for this one. This post is dedicated to celebrating our dogs (Wren, Sadie, Gracie and Gryphen) and sharing why we love being dog parents.

Their Big Hearts

Holly – As a veteran dog owner, I can attest to the fact that owning dogs changes your life. Not just the added daily chores of caring for a dog, though that is true as well. It’s a much deeper feeling of love and responsibility. Responsibility of living up to your dogs idea of you. It makes you a better person, a more compassionate person.

Rae – They are filled with love that they want to share with us. Sadie leaves bones in our sneakers to remind us that she is thinking of us.

1901283_812911518777_299989374_n 539516_4820543744713_719086884_n 1897025_812911344127_59547043_n

They Help All of us to Stay Calm and Bark On

They reduce stress, make us laugh and keep us moving. Long walks are good for all of us.

389181_3461527372030_1109312452_n 20140506-114212.jpg

Our Hounds Love the Holidays

They love celebrating the holidays and participating in family traditions!

20140506-115939.jpg  1003181_10201966095607221_2096734508_n

Their Exceptional Sense of Emotion

They love to see you laugh, snuggle with you when you are crying, sit at the bar with you after a long day and they always protect you from the the “buggy” man when you are home alone

45640_805461837997_115687011_n  IMG_0001

The Important Life Lessons they Share

Holly – They teach you responsibility, love, compassion, friendship and a million other things. They teach you to be young again. And they unfortunately teach you about loss, as well.

Rae – They teach us to breath and enjoy the simple and beautiful parts of life.

262572_578224822797_5848593_n IMG_0397

IMG_6266 20140506-114654.jpg

Their Unwavering Spirit for Adventure

They can turn any trip into an exciting, memorable and photo worthy adventure

   544590_4063843069546_1513387893_n 20140506-115753.jpg IMG_6136

img_04882 1536710_805298864597_1771376454_n

Napping is one of their favorite past times.

They are always up for a midday nap or to stay in bed when you are sick

  1510789_805297158017_530636748_n IMG_0531

And Bonus – Turns out they love going to the cabin as much as we do!

164082_546523482537_1642070_n IMG_6278

A Final Note from Holly

I read a quote somewhere once, and it again changed my perspective on owning a dog. I don’t remember the exact quote word for word but it was something to the affect that dogs may be just a part of our lives, but we are their entire lives. We get up in the morning and pat their heads and go off to work. Then we have all of these experiences throughout the day and possibly sometimes don’t think of them or what they might be doing or thinking for a little bit. When we come home we rub their bellies and give them treats.

What they do between that time is anyone’s guess but I doubt they go off to a corner and completely forget about us. They spend their entire days waiting for us. Excited every time they hear a neighbors car thinking it’s us. Waiting for us to feed them or let them out.

We are everything for them. We are a scratch, a treat, an open door, a walk, a friend, a kiss and a hug. We are their survival. We are their family. And the more time I spend around my 3- the more I’m certain they are mine as well. Be the best dog owner you can be! They are only ours for a short while!

20140506-114801.jpg 20140506-114402.jpg


With Celebration and Dog Love,

Holly and Rae

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