Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

IMG_7097IMG_7096Since I’ve had kids, Valentine’s Day has gotten a lot more fun. I try to come up with creative ways to celebrate with them… but also fun crafts that they can make and share with family and friends. Last year,I shared with you our Handprint Valentines and Tissue Paper Hearts.

To get my son excited for Valentine’s Day, we usually make a special box to put his valentines in. Then I use the box for the rest of the year to store all the cards, notes, etc. that he gets from friends and family. A fun activity and a way for mom to keep some of the clutter around here organized;)

Valentine Box

As for presents, this is my favorite Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever received. Silas made this when he was 2. All you need is a toilet paper roll, pipe cleaners, glue, and construction paper. The wings are two hearts. You can either glue or staple the wings on to the TP roll. We chose to staple, since my son doesn’t typically like to wait for things to dry. For the antennae, we cut a pipe cleaner in half and attached with tape (again, no patience for glue). Then decorate to your heart’s content.


This year, my son is 3, and we took on a slightly more complicated craft… but still one that could be done in 10 minutes or less. My son loves art but it has to be quick project to hold his attention. We made these candle holders with baby food jars, tissue paper and Mod Podge. My son painted the Mod Podge all over the jar, then he put/threw small pieces of tissue paper onto the jar. We let that dry. Then I went over the paper with another layer of Mod Podge. And voile, a beautiful valentine’s day present for grandparents, our nanny, and a keepsake for me, too:)

photo 1photo 3photo-4

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