Burlap Pennants

At Christmas, I made these really cute pennants.



They adorned my windows all season and when it was time to take them down I was really bummed. Today, since I’m trying to remember what the house looked like before my fall and christmas decorations were up, I decided to make a burlap pennant for my fireplace. I had all the materials already so it was super easy and literally free. Just the way I like it.
Let’s begin!

Trace and cut the triangles for your pennant out.

Iron your pennant so it lays flat. I have read otherwise, but I use a bit of steam to do this. I think it works much better and way faster.

Next up is the glue. You can use the no fray sewing glue, it works nicely. I couldn’t find mine so I used some all purpose clear glue and I had the same outcome. Just run it along the edges of the triangle. This just helps it to not unravel, gives it a nicer edge and will preserve it for much longer.

While the glue dries, make your stencil. I used my cricut machine to do this because it’s so much faster and easier. You can always use the tried and true way with an xacto knife and a little patience as well.

Lay the stencil on the pennant and position it where you want it. Sometimes I use a bit of spray glue on the paper before I lay it on the burlap. That way I don’t have to be so careful and worry about it slipping around. I couldn’t find that either today. so unprepared!


Attach a strip of no sew hem to the top of the back of the pennant and ready your twine to start attaching them together. Bring the burlap with the hem strip up over the twine and prepare to iron them.

Make sure the hem strip doesn’t touch the twine when you iron it so then the pennants can move freely.


Afterwards, I had an empty frame lying around and decided to fill it with a piece of burlap. I decided to paint our lucky number on it and I couldn’t be more pleased with its simplicity!

Hope this inspires you to create something you love!

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