Gloucester Grab-A-Date


When Kristian and I haven’t spent a weekend in Boston for awhile, we often decide it is time for a Pearson Grab-a-Date! It sounds fancy, but it is super easy and makes for an excellent and creative way to discover new adventures together.

Ingredients for a successful, one of a kind Grab-A-Date are simple:

1. An open mind

2. Google

3. Free time 🙂

There is only one rule… the date needs to incorporate a new element or activity. For example, we can check out the latest MFA exhibit, road trip to a different beach for the day or even just try a new recipe for dinner.

Two week’s ago marked our last free summer Saturday, so over a morning cup of coffee we discussed our “Grab-a-Date” ideas. We knew we wanted an excursion that involved the outdoors, the ocean and Sadie. So after conducting 2 minutes of research online, we quickly realized that our date was obvious. The Pearson’s would be attending the annual Gloucester Waterfront Festival & Block Party that afternoon. Woohooo!!!


Kristian, Sadie & I piled in the car, drove 20 miles north and arrived in downtown Gloucester in no time.

Live music, a wide array of artistic & craft exhibits, friendly dogs and fresh squeezed lemonade, made for an inspired and active way to spend our afternoon.  The festival was hosted right along the harbor, so were able to snag some beach time and watch the last of the summer waves pass us by.


After Kristian climbed one of the cliff’s along the water (one of his favorite hobbies, hehehe), we headed down to Main Street for the block party, seafood and free music. We found a perfect outdoor table at Topside Grill and toasted to the summer.

rock blockparty

After dinner, we strolled along the water at sunset and made it back to the city in time to watch a movie on Netflix before calling it a night. It was a romantic and unexpected Pearson Grab-A-Date!


So remember, sometimes it is ok NOT to have a plan. This is a little lesson I learned from my hubby. In fact it can bring about some beautiful surprises.

If you try a Grab-A-Date in the coming weeks, let us know how it goes.

With Love & Celebration,


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