Ode to a Girls Road Trip


Photo by Zac Wolf Photography

In May, 3 adventurous Boston ladies packed up a Honda civic and set off for a 3 day road trip.

     Their destination…Alex & Sean’s wedding in Long Beach Island, NJ.

    Their Mission…celebrate, laugh, and regardless of the miles traveled relax &  have fun

    Success?…Absolutely! Looking for tips for your next road trip here are our top 10


Add Adventure Time & Climb Waterfalls

If you can swing it, build in an extra day or two to stop along the way and relax. For us, a 2 night stay at my family’s cabin in the Pocono Mountains was in order. We relaxed on the lake, hiked Bushkill Falls, roasted marsh mellows by the fire and watched a few rom-coms from my family’s classic VHS movie collection.

262299_573776402467_2168125_n photo (5) falls2

Photos: Views from the dock on Lake Minisink & one of the many waterfalls along our hike at Bushkill

Signature Cocktails add Spice to your Life

Each leg of the trip called for a different signature:

    • At the Cabin – We sipped my Skinny Girl Margarita Cocktails (w/muddled blueberries)
    • In Long Beach Island – We enjoyed Spray Beach Inn Mojitos
    • On Car Rides – We guzzled STARBUCKS

photo icedcoffee(1)

A Killer Soundtrack = Happy Passengers.

Lindsey & Mandy organized our rock star playlist that included tunes from Beyonce to the Beatles. We had great tunes to sing, sleep and daydream too. Even better…choose a theme song for your road trip. Our theme song was Barbie Girl (don’t ask!)

Functional & Fun Footwear are Essential

  • Sneakers or boots for water fall hiking.
  • Heels for a girls night out or in our case the wedding.
  • Flip flops for swimming and the after party.
  • Bonus – We landed extra flops at the wedding. Thanks Alex & Sean!

photo p1838823941-o626548385-3

Learn something new from your fellow road trippers

  • Mandy taught me how to play Scrabble
  • Lindsey taught Mandy how to do a smokey eye with her make-up
  • And I taught Lindsey how to make my Skinny Girl Margarita cocktail

scrabble-letters eyes1204

Make use of your GPS

Save yourself the stress of pulling out those old maps in your trunk or stopping for directions. I will admit to one call to my patient husband who helped us brainstorm alternate routes when we found ourselves in traffic in New York state.

Join the Conga Line & Make New Friends (yes, that is us at the end of the line in the picture)

p1669827577-o626548385-3 p1836574071-o626548385-3

Photos by Zac Wolf Photography

Always make new friends, especially if you are the out-of-towners at a wedding. It will only enhance your experience at the reception and make you feel like part of the family. In fact, when you wake up the next morning and realize you left your car at the reception site 10 miles away, your new friends can help you get out of your transportation bind. Thanks Deb!

Audiobooks are Actually Awesome


Seriously,  give them a chance. We laughed all the way home listening to Mindy Kaling read her recent book “ Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”.

Photobooth photos make for the perfect road trip souvenirs

photobooth2 photobooth

Stay out Late & Toast to the good life

When you arrive at your destination, make the most of your time. Go to the after party and stay out too late cheering for the local cover band. You don’t want to be the person that missed the group sing to “Blister in the Sun”.


Photo by Zac Wolf Photography

So there you have it…our top 10 tips for a successful Girls Getaway Road trip. Now we want to hear from you? What are your road trip tips? Memories?

With Adventure & Celebration,


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