Pearson Superlatives 2012

One of the best way’s to cure your holiday hangover is to reflect on the year past and the blessings and positive experiences you can take with you into 2013. Kristian and I spent some time catching up on the both the challenges of the past 12 months and more importantly the “best” of the year…here is our list

An Un”Belize”able trip to Hopkins with some of our oldest and dearest

Energizing Excursions (with friends & family brave enough to host or join us) 

  • Kayaking & Deep Sea Fishing in Rockport/Glouchester, MA with Dad
  • Boating on Lake Winnepausake, NH with Johnnie & Nate
  • Camping at St. Nickerson State Park with the Soggy Campers, Cape Cod
  • Schneck Olympics Lake Minisink, Pocono Mountain with the Schneck Family

IMG_0513 IMG_0501 sadie 1

Congratulations to Beautiful Couples and their Merry Unions in 2012

Lindsey & Andrew – Great Diamond Island, Maine – Rodeo & Co. Photography
Julie & Mike McCarthy – Harwichport (Cape Cod), Massachusetts – Clemence Photography
Bethany & Joe – Boston, Massachusetts – Lisa Rigby Photography

Laura & Marty – Maryland – Hough Photography
Kelly & Craig – Annapolis, Maryland – Brian Lusby Photography
Emily & Kevin – Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard – Michele Turner Photography
Anna & Matt – New Hampshire – La Bella Vita Photography

Sarah & Brian – Maryland (So sorry we couldn’t make it, we heard it was beautiful!) – Erin Travis Photography


juliemike1 090212-pre-7

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CASUAL FETS & FANCY FETS…our favorite culinary experiences this year

  • Lazy Sunday breakfasts at our neighborhood café, Tatte (amazing croissants!)
  • Vegetarian Curry, Shrimp Creole, Fresh Fish Salsa and Belikin Beer at Iris’s in Belize
  • A picnic lunch and wine with the Cippichios at Nashoba Valley Winery
  • Homemade FRESH Lemon Breaded Cod we caught on our deep sea fishing trip and then baked with the help of my trusty clam shack cookbook (thanks mom!)
  • Christmas Eve dinner at Pete & Holly’s

403154_10152298078705371_1633634412_n IMG_0483

The official farewell to our “20s”…..Our Great Gatsby 30th Birthday Bash at Shawnee Inn

418725_10100363155744789_1800355_49220418_1988981608_n 417730_2828651708657_1030006155_32855397_422617027_n  400118_10100363181607959_1800355_49220542_1594714768_n

420468_2828630668131_1030006155_32855319_2108105491_n  431280_10100363156488299_1800355_49220427_179786225_n


photo (3) 

Applauding New Arrivals (and their super cool parents)

Welcome Dillon, Daniel, Aubree, Madelyn, Leah, Evelyn, Parker, Blake, Alice, Ronan,  and Quinn

417124_495938587095347_1934135221_n 530915_843215746758_923167536_n312536_10101168125439309_437451287_n 544518_440033509370744_135181222_n

577858_10151378415855127_1891521073_n 557814_4705824686026_743198034_n 375362_10101477080430828_1946245720_n  blake

Some of our favorite Photos from 2012 – Thanks for all the great memories! 

421929_2828634628230_1827622475_n 283653_4035764407597_1168701561_n

305970_4382961765437_2079411306_n374086_4811300766621_1487072087_n Sadie 2

download 546955_431737163556488_1760175718_n  523631_684812565107_1956004381_n

With Love & Celebration,


One thought on “Pearson Superlatives 2012

  1. Looks like you guys had one heck of a year!! So many weddings and so many babies 🙂 I agree though, it is great to reflect if only to remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives. I hope you guys have an even better 2013!

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