Crockpots, Colleagues and Cranberry Sauce


The holiday season provides the perfect excuse to celebrate and connect with your colleagues. This year, along with my excellent co-host, Joe, I took it upon myself to organize the first annual Alumni Relations & Development “DAR”ling thanksgiving potluck. Who doesn’t love food. Plus potlucks provide your colleagues a chance to showcase their Rachael Ray talents.

Our office menu included everything from homemade vegetarian stuffing, pumpkin & pecan pie, mashed potatoes and fresh cranberry sauce. For folks less than enthused about searching pinterest for that special holiday recipe, there was plenty left to contribute including sparkling cider, festive cutlery and the adorable hand-made decorations pictured below (thank you Cassidy).

DSC00419 DSC00417

You are now asking yourself how did they keep all the food warm at the office? The answer………

CROCKPOTS lots and lots of crockpots and a very gracious Whole Foods that cooked and sliced our turkey.


It was a great success. In fact, we cooked so much food that we were able to share with other departments and friends on campus.

To all of those inspired, Happy Potlucking!!

With Cheer & Celebration,


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