Healey Homestead

Celebrating the accomplishments of friends and family is just FUN…especially when it comes to accomplishments attained due to hard work, undeniable talent and dedication. Today I am going to share a tale of Colleen (Gove) Healey, her husband Jon, dog Tucker and their amazing remodeled homestead in Maryland.

First a little background, I met Colleen freshmen year at the University of Maryland, when she and I both pledged Alpha Chi Omega together. In addition to all the great memories college brings, I am honored to say that I had the distinct opportunity to watch in awe, as Colleen grew into an incredibly talented architect.  Today she is a senior designer McInturff Architects .

In graduate school Colleen met her husband Jon (a fellow architect and currently an Assistant Professor of Interior Design & Exhibition Design at Corcoran College) and together they took on a life changing project….they began building the Healey home. Kristian and I had the chance to stay and experience their masterpiece earlier this year.

You can read the chronicles of their journey on their blog fourc3/on5, but I could not resist the opportunity to say congrats to the Healeys, showcase their creative mastery and ask them a few questions about their truly AMAZING homestead (pictured to the right).

Be sure to vote for your favorite Healey home elements below:

Q&A with the Healeys

What was the biggest challenge in making your home a reality?

  • Cleaning drywall dust after we had already moved in and dealing with the loan process

What are your favorite parts of your home? And/or the element you are most proud of?

  • Jon: Early morning sunlight in the Eastern facing living room and the view of the house from the alley
  • Colleen: the skylights, the over generous stair hall that makes up the middle of the house and the kitchen cabinets which I built myself (with my sister in-law’s help)

How would you define the style of your home?

  • Modern with respect for touches of the house’s heritage in the exposed brick, old siding used as shelves, and creaking floors. Jon says it’s a 21st century house built-in the 1860’s

What is your favorite decor element , photo, etc?

  • The front yard – it’s so visible throughout the first floor of the house – it’s still a work in progress but it becomes the entire front wall of the house during the afternoon

What do you love most about Architecture?

  • A pretty broad question but one of the things that we do feel very fortunate about is that our education and experience helped us to visualize what our house could be through the purple walls and ceilings, shell of a carriage house, and dark windowless spaces.

Here is the Pearsons’ favorite list. Be sure to vote for yours below:

  • The Kitchen – A Viking 6 burner gas white  cook top, grey concrete counter tops and one yellow tea-pot (that helped us brew a few rounds of tea that were a great accent to warm and laughter filled conversation)


  • Photo Wall – Featuring black & white photos from their wedding, travel and sketches of their design work


  • Modern Art Decor – to accent their open staircase (a Colleen find)


  • Tucker…just because he is that cool

With Love & Celebration,


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