Flicks that Ferris would approve of

Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond are busting at the seems, moving trucks are taking over our block and my September issue of Instyle arrived last week….dare I say it, Back to School season has officially arrived. But no worries, I have the perfect movie line up to get you geared up for orientation, books, and homework. For those of you not headed to home room or the library this fall , I hope these flicks will help bring back at least one or two comical, warm or just plain outrageous memories of your experiences in high school, college and beyond.

10. JUNO – Grab your orange tictacs, Sunny Delight and your hamburger phone and fall in love with Juno (Ellen Page) and Bleeker’s (Michael Cera) high school romance. Bonus….the catchy soundtrack features artists including The Moldy Peaches and Kimya Dawson.

9. TO SIR WITH LOVE – Sidney Poitier’s performance is unforgettable and will hopefully remind you of a teacher(s) that made a positive impact on your life.

8. THE HEATHERS – What would back to school be without a flick about “clicks”. And yes, that is Shannon Doherty on the far left.

7. LEGALLY BLONDE – Watch Elle Woods take on Harvard Law School and take notes on her adorable attire.

6. FOOT LOOSE – Gotta love the red boots and Kevin Bacon’s dance routine in the abandon warehouse

5. OLD SCHOOL – “Frank the Tank” will bring a smile to your face and surely encourage you to throw a Back to School Revelry for all your friends

4. DEAD POETS SOCIETY – This touching “coming of age” story showcases heartfelt performances from Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke. Definitely watch with a box of tissues and a good friend.

3. CLUELESS – Plaid Skirts, high school romance and a truly girly, energetic soundtrack that will have you dancing in your living room.

2. THE BREAKFAST CLUB – Teenage angst at its best…..80’s Style

1. FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF – Well maybe this movie won’t encourage you to hit the books, but it certainly reminds us that “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”

What’s your favorite Back to School flick? Vote for one of my top 5 or post one of your own!

With Grace & Celebration,


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