Light the Torch and Join in the Fun

Who doesn’t LOVE the OlyImagempics! It is the one time in the Pearson household, when Kristian and I stay up late to watch the finals for sports ranging from volleyball to tennis. It is such an exciting and inspirational time. My personal favorites….women’s gymnastics (congrats fab 5!), track and volleyball. Vote for your favorite on today’s poll.

There are so many ways to celebrate the Olympics, from hosting a pool party that concludes in watching our very own Natalie Coughlin, Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte competing for the GOLD or baking up your favorite Olympic themed dinner or dessert with your family and watching the opening ceremonies together.

Personally, my favorite way to celebrate is hosting your very own Olympic competition afternoon. Kristian, Pete, Holly & I have hosted multiple Olympics and/or World Cup themed team competitions at our family cabins in the Pocono Mountains, but anyone could host a similar event in their backyard or local park. Here are some our family’s tips for an unforgettable afternoon that is sure to leave with you with smiles and a tons of olympic memories to last a lifetime.


Invite friends, family & neighbors (even dogs) to join you for your competition and divide everyone into teams. If you are hosting an outgoing bunch, consider assigning teams a country and color. Definitely, encourage guests to dress appropriately.


Think outside of the box when it comes to games, this will help engage friends of any age. Here are some of our family and friends’ favorites:

CLASSICS – Tug of War & the Egg Toss (need I say more)

FOR LAUGHS – Dizzy Bat & Water Balloon Carry (chest to chest)

*The water balloon carry game comes courtesy of my brother in law Blake & his girlfriend Katie, pictured below 🙂


Human Canoe Race – instead of paddles you use your arms

Watermelon Toss – Yes, you throw a watermelon into a body of water (or pool) where you have hula-hoops tied to set locations. You have guests throw the watermelon into the hoops and they are scored appropriately.


Award a trophy (homemade or purchased online) to the winners. Here is Holly & Pete’s homemade creation for the 2011 Minisink World Cup.

Post photos and names on team boards to display at your house, apt., cabin, etc.

Let the games begin!

With Love & Celebration,


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