Lakeside Adventures

This past weekend Kristian, Sadie and I spent our Saturday boating on Lake Winnipesaukee (Thank you for hosting John!).

In true Pearson style, our plans were made somewhat last minute (aka the night before)…but we still managed to execute a ridiculously fun agenda that included swimming, cocktailing, tubing and watching Kristian & John fight over which way was actually southwest on the map.

Our day on the lake, inspired me to share a collection of quirky ideas that will make your next boat outing or nautical themed casual affair all that more festive….

Add a collection of nautical themed tunes to your PLAYLIST, some Pearson suggestions include:

  • “Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles
  • “Ride the River” – JJ Cale & Eric Clapton
  • “A Pirate Looks At Forty” – Jimmy Buffett
  • “Come Sail Away” – Styx
  • “Boats” – Kenny Chesney
  • “Sail Away”- Enya
  • “Margarittaville” – Jimmy Buffett
  • “Downeaster Alexa” – Billy Joel
  • “Gilligan’s Island” – George Wyle and Sherwood Shwart

GOLDFISH CRACKERS are a tasty snack to pack and absolutely theme appropriate!

Photo & Recipe Source

After you drop the anchor, enjoy the the view while you challenge the captain to rummy….Nautical themed PLAYING CARDS please

Photo Source


Photo Source

And,  if your host is dog friendly…definitely bring your best friend along (they always make you and your fellow guests smile)

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